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Dog Spa

Cage-Free Grooming

Because grooming is a vitally important part of your pet’s health, we believe it should be a pleasant experience not a feared one. For that reason, we have created the best possible Cage-free environment since 2006,
which means your fur baby is in and out in 1 to 2 hours.


Unlike traditional grooming salons that receive many pets at once and put them in cages until they can get to them. We groom by appointment only, which means your pet receives one-on-one, less stress attention and is here only the amount of time it takes to groom them.

We have a wonderful staff that have dedicated their careers to pampering your baby, we only use positive techniques and never intimidate or dominate your pet. Because we groom straight through, we are popular and book out. Most of our clients are on a regular grooming schedule so we are not always able to just squeeze your pet in, so please plan ahead. Because we do not cage pets, arrangements must be made to have your pet picked up after completion. Most customers just run an errand or two and return to pick up a clean, happy pampered pet. We only use high quality, natural products.  

We do it differently!
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CO2 Hydro Therapy

helps relieve itchy, irritated skin

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