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Nutritious foods, treats and supplements

We carry a variety of natural, premium, organic, de-hydrated and raw pet foods, treats and supplements. We have herbal remedies to help alleviate allergies, anxiety and illnesses. We carry a wide variety of CBD products to meet every pets needs. Our bakery counter is always full of wholesome and seasonal treats, including birthday cakes for your pets special day. Nutrition consultations available.

Marilyn Texter

Owner/Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

Marilyn has prepared both raw and cooked food from scratch, from a combination of prepared sources and created therapeutic diets for her pack for more than 18 years.

Whether you're trying to provide the best nutrition possible, trying to avoid the problems plaguing the pet food industry or the constant recalls; there are ways to make your dog's diet more nutritious today. 

Do you want to start slow? Do you want to jump in with a prepared raw or cooked nutritious diet? Do you need a therapeutic diet? Or, do you want to prepare your pet a homemade diet?

Anyway you start is the right way! Just start.

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Functional Foods
Natural Remedies
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