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Our Tail

It all started with these two, Buda and Deeva. Westie littermates Born August 18, 2002. The loves of our lives.


From the time we brought them home, they itched and scratched continuously to the point of making themselves bleed. After visiting many vets that could offer us no explanation or cause and wanted to treat them with steroids, we happened upon a holistic vet that gave us the answers we were so desperately seeking. Food and environmental Allergies! They kindly pointed us in the direction of a little pet food store in Oakland that carried a raw food diet. Raw Food? Yes that's what we thought but it helped and they lived well into their late teens. The rest is history, Pawsitive Karma has been educating pet parents since 2006. We truly believe in Karmic Law that what you put out into the world comes back. 

Who We Are

We know how much pets enrich our lives and our dedication to their health and longevity is what led Marilyn and Robin to open Pawsitive Karma in 2006. We are best known for Marilyn's knowledge of pet nutrition as a certified Pet Nutritionist and our cage-free grooming. Don't come here for your kibble because we don't carry it. Why? Because it is not the best option for your best friend. We only carry foods that help your pet thrive not just survive. Interested in more information, email Marilyn at

We are also one of the first grooming salons to exclusively groom pets straight through which means,


Because grooming is a vitally important part of your pet's health, we believe it should be a pleasant experience not a feared one. Your pet is in and out in an hour or two.

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Our Hours

Monday - Thursday 10 am - 6 pm

CLOSED Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Where your pets are our pets


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